Caridina brachydactyla

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Wrote by Tipic, translated by Logow

Caridina brachydactyla
De Man, 1908

Caridina brachydactyla Synonyms :

  • Caridina wyckii typica De Man, 1892
  • Caridina nilotica var. brachydactyla De Man, 1908
  • Caridina simoni Johnson, 1963

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Variety :

Origin : Sulawesi, Fiji, Indonesia, India, Mauritius.

Water specifications :

  • pH : 6 to 7.5
  • GH : 6 to 15
  • Temperature : 22 to 26°C / 71.6 to 78.8 °F

Size :

  • Male : 3 cm
  • Female : 3cm

Description : Characteristic shape of the shrimps belonging to the Caridina genus, fairly long rostrum relatively shiny and background colouration light to transparent. Colouration is enhanced by little red to orange stripes along the side of the cephalotorax and a red orange dot in the shape of a coma on the middle of the abdomen. The central line along the back is sometimes shiny, a few shiny dots can be seen on the telson and the uropods.

Behaviour : Excellent gregarious specie it must live in groups of 6 individual of the same specie no less.

Life span :

Feeding habits : Omnivorous with a strong vegetarian tendency favouring algae.

Sexual dismorphism :

Reproduction : Indirect type reproduction, this specie needs a larval stage in salt water conditions. The eggs are tiny and in large quantities.

Specificity : The Caridina brachydactyla, belongs to the group of the Caridina nilotica. The status is still controversial. Numerous studies have been realised by De Man and Johnson but there is a lot of chance of getting lost amongst all the synonyms, the varieties and the under classes. Also see the works of Andreas Karge (PDF article ).

Links :

Source (Bibliography) :

  • Sußwassergarnelen aus aller Welt, Andreas Karge & Werner Klotz (page 74 à 76)

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