Caridina cf. breviata

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Version française
Wrote by Tipic, translated by Logow

Caridina cf. breviata
Ng & Cai, 2000

Caridina cf. breviata Common names :

  • Bumble Bee
  • New Bee
  • WhiteHead Bumble Bee
  • Zebra zwerggarnele
  • Hummelgarnele
  • Crevette Bourdon

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Origin : South of China

Water specifications:

  • pH : 6,0 to 7,5
  • GH : 8 to 15
  • Temperature : 18 to 25°C / 64.4 to 77 °F

Size :

  • Male : 2cm
  • Female : 2.5 to 3cm

Description : Characteristic shape of the shrimps belonging to the Caridina genus, with a very short rostrum. The colouring varies depending on the different types and the selections done by breeders. The black and white form generating a lot of interest; however it is not the most common type on the market. The varieties are numerous and can cause a certain confusion for their identification. (See [1], [2], [3]).

Caridina cf. breviataCaridina cf. breviata Caridina cf. breviata

Behaviour : excellent gregarious specie it must absolutely live in groups of 6 individuals of the same specie no less.

Life span : around 18 months

Feeding habits : Omnivorous with a heavy vegetarian tendency favouring algae.

Sexual dismorphism : Females are larger than males. Segments lengthen the shell towards the abdomen on females, to offer protection to the eggs that are maintained by the pleopods (Swimmerets located under the abdomen).

Reproduction : No larval stage. Juveniles grow directly in fresh water.

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Sources (Works) :

  • Süßwassergarnelen aus aller Welt, Authors : Andreas Karge & Werner Klotz, p 68
  • Garnelen & Krebse, Author Christian W. Hofstätter, p 28

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