Caridina gracilirostris

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Version française
Wrote by Ankou92, translated by Logow

Caridina gracilirostris
de Man, 1892

Caridina gracilirostris Synonyms :

  • Palaemon scarletti

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common names :

  • Crevette fantôme à nez rouge
  • Caridine à rostre fin
  • Crevette Pinocchio
  • Saltarelle aiguille
  • Red Nose Shrimp
  • Rote Nashorngarnele

Origin : India, South East Asia (introduced). Deltas of rivers, mangroves and marshes.

Water specifications :

  • pH : 6,5 to 7,5
  • GH : 8 to 15
  • Temperature : 20 to 28°C / 68 to 82.4 °F
  • Fresh water (can also be maintained in brackish water conditions.)

Size :

  • Male : 3.5cm
  • Female : 4cm

Rostre Caridina gracilirostris Description : Characteristic shape of the shrimps belonging to the Caridina genus, over dimensioned rostrum that is the reason for her name of “Pinocchio” shrimp. The close up on the rostrum allows to see the disposition of the spikes. We notice a concentration of small and tight spikes on the ventral side of the rostrum, when the dorsal side is covered with larger and more dispersed spikes. Generally the rostrum of other caridinas show the opposite configuration. The colour of the rostrum is generally red to pink. TVue des pédoncules oculaireshe base can present a yellow shade. The occular pedoncule is relatively long which separates the eyes from the head of the shrimp, which gives seen from above an incredible appearance. The eyes are very light in colour and very shiny. The rest of the body is transparent with a few blue shades depending on the lighting and the orientation of the specimen. We can notice a red line all along the body going to the telson and the uropod . The intensity of the red varies depending on the specimens. The digestive tact that crosses the abdomen is a very shiny golden yellow colour.

Behaviour : Excellent gregarious specie, must absolutely live in groups of 6 individuals of the same specie no less. The general morphology of this shrimps displays an adaptation to shallow and slow moving waters. It loves to stand in a vertical position the head towards the bottom on plants. Their habitat should therefore be made accordingly to these specifications.

Life span : > to 12 months

Feeding habits: Essentially vegetarian greatly appreciates dried nettle leaves.

Sexual characteristics : The female are larger so are their pleopods (swimmerets located under the abdomen)

Femelle grainée Reproduction : Every 8 weeks. The female incubates several hundred little green eggs. Reproduction is of indirect type. Different larval stage in salt water conditions are necessary to complete growth and become adults. The stage in salt water is an obligation (30g/l). Once 5mm long, the larva can slowly be moved onto fresh water.

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