Caridina multidentata

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Wrote by Tipic, translated by Logow

Caridina multidentata
Stimpson, 1860

Caridina multidentata Synonyms :

  • Caridina japonica (De Man, 1892)

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Common names :

  • Amanogarnele
  • Amano Shrimp
  • Crevette Amano
  • Yamato-numa-ebi

Origin : Japan, Taiwan, Madagascar

Carte Caridina multidentata

Water specifications :

  • pH : 6 to 8
  • GH : 8 to 15
  • Temperature : 18 to 25°C / 64.4 to 77 °F

Size :

  • Male : 3.5cm
  • Female : 5cm

Description : characteristic shape of the shrimp belonging to the Caridina genus, short rostrum with a background colouration light beige with transparent areas. Colouring is reinforced by little black dots or short dashs of burgundy. Certain specimens have a white longitudinal line going from the rostrum to the telson.

Behaviour : Excellent gregarious specie must absolutely live in groups of 6 individuals of the same specie no less.

Life span : > to 4 years

Feeding habits : Omnivorous with a very strong vegetarian tendency, favours algae a lot.

Sexual dismorphism : Females are generally larger. The segments that make up the abdomen are lengthened to offer protection to the eggs that are held by the pleopods on the females.

Caridina multidentata mâleCaridina multidentata femelle grainée

Reproduction : This specie uses an indirect type of reproduction that needs a larval development stage in salt water conditions before young are able to join adults in benthic life, which takes around 45 days. Breeding is possible with a good dose of experience and discipline. See the excellent article from Aquarium à la maison N°61 on breeding Caridina multidentata by authors Chris Lukhaup, Carsten and Frank Logeman, they also are the authors of the following websites: and

Specificity : Popularised by Takashi Amano in the 80, it has been called Caridina japonica De Man, 1892 for a very long time. The specie was renamed in 2006 with the name Caridina multidentata Stimpson, 1860. The shrimp had been described nearly 30 years earlier by Stimpson, it is therefore the oldest date that takes the lead (See article from PFK, and article on nomenclatures).

The name Caridina japonica has become so famous that it is recognised all around the world and a certain time may be necessary for people to adjust to Caridina multidentata.

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Sources (Bibliography) :

  • Sußassergarnelen aus aller Welt, Andreas Karge & Werner Klotz (page 71-72)

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