Caridina sp. “Tüpfel”

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Version française
Wrote by Zeck, translated by Logow

Caridina sp. “Tüpfel”

Caridina sp. Tüpfel Synonyms :

  • Caridina sp. II

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Common names :

  • Tüpfel-Zwerggarnele
  • Tüpfelgarnele
  • Spotted shrimp

The displayed specimens belong to the variety : Caridina sp. “Tüpfel” var. Red

Origin : Hong-Kong

Water specifications :

  • pH : 6 to 7,5
  • GH : 1 to 12
  • Temperature : 20 to 25 °C / 68 to 77 °F

Size :

  • male : 2,5cm
  • female : 3cm

Caridina sp. Tüpfel Description : Characteristic shape of the shrimps belonging to the Caridina genus. The colouration of this shrimp is very close to the whole of the striped serrata shrimp group : translucent body (with a very slight red or blue tint), with a few black dots (Tüpfel =  dots, spots) distributed randomly, which could be the basic form of Tiger Shrimps. Some specimens also present some white dots. The rostrum is short and smooth. ([1] - [2]).

Life span : up to 18 months

Feeding habits : Rather omnivorous, this shrimp feeds on bottom tabs for fish (if possible containing spirulin), and plant matter.

Sexual dismorphism : As a general rule, females are larger than males. The segments making up the abdomen are lengthened toward the belly to provide protection to the eggs held by the pleopods (swimmerets located under the abdomen).

Reproduction : It would be a direct type of reproduction that wouldn’t necessitate a larval stage. The whole cycle of incubation, hatching and growth is done in fresh water conditions. We can see about 30 eggs, carried for about 4 weeks, every 6 weeks. Reproduction generally takes place between March and October, this specie needing a winter season in water around 16/17°C.

Caridina sp. Tüpfel Specificity : This shrimp is assimilated to the species of the serrata group (that regroups the following species : Caridina cantonensis, Caridina sphyrapoda, Caridina nanoensis, Caridina apodosis, Caridina yulinica, Caridina wamingensis, Caridina mutata, Caridina serrata, Caridina trifasciata, Caridina formosae). If for the moment the precise specie is not determined, it is the most commonly repporte to Caridina serrata Stimpson, 1860.

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