Neocaridina heteropoda heteropoda

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Wrote by Ankou92, translated by Logow

Neocaridina heteropoda heteropoda
Liang, 2002

Neocaridina heteropoda var. Red Synonyms :

  • Caridina davidi Bouvier, 1904
  • Neocaridina denticulata davidi Cai, 1996
  • Neocaridina denticulata sinensis Kubo, 1940
  • Neocaridina sinensis Cai, 2006

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Common names :

  • Rückenstrichgarnele
  • Red Cherry
  • Crevette cerise

Varieties :

  • Neocaridina heteropoda heteropoda var. red
  • Neocaridina heteropoda heteropoda var.yellow
  • Neocaridina heteropoda heteropoda var. green Neocaridina heteropoda heteropoda var. green

Origin : China. Korea. Taiwan, Hawai (introduced)

Carte Neocaridina heteropoda heteropoda

Water specifications :

  • pH : 6,5 to 7,5
  • GH : 8 to 15
  • Temperature : 18 to 25°C / 64 to 77°F

Size :

  • Male : 2cm
  • Female : 2.5cm

Description : Characteristic shape of the shrimps belonging to the Caridina genus, with a medium lengthened rostrum. The colouring in wild form subjects is very varied. They seem to be able to contract their pigment cells and therefore change their general colouring to mimic their environment and depending on the potential predators they are kept with. The Red Cherry is a widely known and available form. The male bears a lighter colour made up by a transparent background and fine lines from orange to red above it. Females however has an intense red colour. The ovarian mass that is produced at the rear of the head is a bright orange colour. The yellow form presents a transparent yellow and relatively uniform colouration. It doesn’t bear the line markings that are visible on the Red cherry type. The eggs are a bright yellow tint. The green type has and overall green to brown colouration. The eggs are a dark green tint.

Behaviour : excellent gregarious specie, it must absolutely live in groups of 6 individuals of the same specie no less

Life span : around 18 months

Feeding habits : Omnivorous with a heavy vegetarian tendency favouring algae

Neocaridina heteropoda male Sexual dimorphism (def.) : As a general rule, females are larger than males. For the Red type, the females are brighter bear more vivid and intense colourations. Segments lengthen theNeocaridina heteropoda female shell toward the abdomen on females, to offer protection to the eggs that are maintained by the pleopods (Swimmerets located under the abdomen) .

Neocaridina heteropoda var. Red Grainée Reproduction : It is a direct type of reproduction that doesn’t necessitate a larval stage. The complete cycle is done from incubation, hatching to growth in freshwater conditions. Juvenile Red cherryIncubation of the eggs under the female’s abdomen lasts 3 to 4 weeks. Juveniles measuring 2 to 3mm live and eat like their parents. If bred in a specific tank the specie is very prolific.


Sources (Bibliography) :

  • Sußwassergarnelen aus aller Welt, Andreas Karge & Werner Klotz

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