Neocaridina palmata bosensis

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Version française
Wrote by Zeck, translated by Logow

Neocaridina palmata bosensis
Cai, 1996

Neocaridina palmata Common names :

  • Crevette nectarine
  • Nectarine shrimp
  • Nektarinen-Garnelen
  • Rotrücken-Zwerggarnele

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Origin : South of China, the Neocaridina palmata bosensis (Nectarine shrimp) comes from the Guangdong province and more precisely from the town of Meizhou located to the East of the province. (mountain region).

Carte Neocaridina palmata bosensis

Water specifications :

  • pH : 6,5 to 7,5
  • GH : 8
  • Temperature : 15 to 28 °C / 59 to 82.4 °F

Size :

  • Male : 2cm
  • Female : 2.5cm

Description : Characteristic shape of the shrimp belonging to the Neocaridina genus, medium length rostrum. The background colouration is variable, you can see different shades going from blue, beige or brown.

Behaviour : Excellent gregarious specie it must absolutely live in groups of 6 individuals of the same specie no less.

Life span :

Feeding habits : Omnivorous with a strong vegetarian tendency favouring algae.

Sexual dismorphism : The females are more “compact” than the males (thinner but longer), even if they are shorter and smaller (the males). The endopods, bared by the first pair of pleopods are wider on the male compared to the female.

Reproduction : No larval stage, juveniles grow directly in fresh water conditions. About forty eggs per incubation and 6 weeks between each incubation[2].

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